Tell all your friends you’re quitting… or not?


It may seem like a great idea to tell all your friends that you’re quitting, because it encourages you to stay quit and it opens the door for them to support you. However, you need to be very careful about your objective in doing so, and also consider how you would feel if you failed.

Firstly, you should not be looking at your friends to ensure your success.  Only you can do that.  Secondly, don’t be surprised if your non-smoking friends have little sympathy for you because they don’t understand the big deal about quitting.  Thirdly, don’t be surprised if your smoking friends are secretly jealous that you quit and rather delighted if you fail, because you’re back to being one of them.  Lastly, if you get into the habit of telling everyone you’re going to quit and then you subsequently fail, be prepared for your friends to be mumbling to themselves, “Oh, here we go again!”

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