Smoking Doesn’t Kill You! At Least Not Immediately


Therein lies the problem for those people who have good intentions of giving up but never quite get around to it, because another cigarette, a few more cigarettes, a day of smoking, a week or a month of smoking isn’t really going to make much difference.

Well, we’re not really sure if it makes any difference because we don’t know what’s going on inside our bodies, but we have a pretty good feeling that if we’ve been smoking for any length of time then, we can probably get away with holding off quitting for a while longer. I wholeheartedly agree with that, in theory. However, each time a person thinks of quitting and doesn’t get around to it, they are adding to the statistical probability of suffering complications resulting from smoking, up to and including an early death.

The fact is, we don’t know which cigarette will kill us or at what point health complications will kick in. For all a smoker is aware, their body may already being showing signs of problems without them even knowing. They may even have an early stage cancer or other disease brought on by smoking. But, I cannot blame them for putting off quitting because there are no directly visible consequences and therefore it’s hard to rationalize why it’s so urgent to stop. Smoking a cigarette doesn’t kill you, at least not immediately.

Imagine for a moment that cigarettes were known to randomly kill people, immediately. Let’s say that you have an equal chance of dying from one of those lethal cigarettes as you currently have of dying of cancer from smoking, with the exception that you would be gone in an instant.  I wonder how many people would still take the risk of lighting up the next one.

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