Create Your Own Eureka Moment!


eureka moment * noun

the moment when you suddenly understand something important, have a great idea, or find the answer to a problem


The best way to get started on quitting smoking is to clearly understand what it is you want to achieve, why and how.  It’s estimated that about 65% of smokers want to quit, but I wonder how many of them have had a eureka moment, a sudden understanding of what it is exactly they want to achieve and how they are going to follow through with a plan until the problem is solved.

Sadly, from my observations, people wanting to quit often translates into them thinking:

  • I wish I had never started
  • I shouldn’t be doing this because it’s bad for my health
  • Smoking is a dirty, smelly habit
  • It’s getting too expensive to continue
  • People keep nagging me to stop
  • If only I could cut down until I can stop completely
  • I’m afraid of dying of a smoking-related disease
  • I hate setting a bad habit for my children
  • … and the list of reasons goes on

These are all very noble reasons to want to quit, but none of them show a sense of urgency. The same arguments will be just as valid tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. So long as time passes and nothing changes, nothing much will change in the minds of these people who want to quit. Sure, they will still want to quit and they may feel a little guiltier as time goes by, but they’re perhaps not quite convinced enough to go through with quitting. Some of them will attempt to quit, but the effort proves too difficult because the rewards are a long time in the making and the benefits aren’t immediately tangible. Something is missing, and that I believe is the eureka moment.

In my humble opinion, that eureka moment comes when you realize that you don’t want to quit smoking for certain reasons, but that you want to quit in spite of those reasons. That is, the reasons are only a supporting argument toward your long-term goal of ridding yourself of nicotine / tobacco addiction. Your primary objective should be freeing yourself from being a slave to the cigarette.  All the rest is icing on the cake.

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