Want to Quit vs. Want to Have Quit


Where is your arrow heading? Are you intending on quitting smoking or have you already quit? There’s a big difference between having extinguished your last cigarette and not wanting – or even be willing – to smoke anymore. I’m not talking about nicotine cravings or fantasizing about smoking. I think that even the most resolute of former smokers may still have the occasional nostalgic thought about how good things were back then, when they smoked. I am one of them. It’s part of who we were. We don’t need to forget about the past.

I’m talking about understanding the profound negative effects of smoking on ourselves, as well as the people around us. Just recently, I was talking with my ex-wife about how we used to smoke in front of our young children. We both feel bad about our past behavior, but we also know that we weren’t quite as aware of the situation back then as we are now. Wisdom comes with age, or should I say, the older you get, the more important life becomes.

Having quit smoking means coming to terms with the past and living happily in the present. The future will take care of itself, whether you like it or not. If someone offered you a cigarette today, would you have a hard time turning it down or would you stand by your principles and politely decline? If you have truly quit, then you will know the answer.

I have no regrets about having quit smoking.

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