Independent Review of Quit Smoking Products from The Quit Company, LLC.

Quit Tea and Quit Support

Before I begin, I would like to point out that this is an unpaid non-commercial product review, based entirely on voluntary and unbiased product testing as an individual contributor. My quit smoking philosophy has always included a strong focus on the psychological aspects of tobacco cessation, including the adoption of good habits to replace the bad ones. No single product will make you quit smoking, but some products are designed to help supplement your desire and willpower to quit. Such is the case with those I tested in this article.

I was recently offered the opportunity to evaluate a couple of quit smoking products from The Quit Company based in Greenwich, CT. The first is called Quit Tea® and the second is called Quit Support™. These products are designed to be used as quit smoking aids, particularly during the early stages of quitting. My first reaction was to make sure that they did not contain any nicotine, which they don’t. This was particularly important to me, as I’m not fond of replacing a product containing an addictive substance with another product containing the same addictive substance, except when clinically approved and used in strict accordance with the prescribed instructions. Both products from The Quit Company are labeled as an herbal supplement containing only natural ingredients, which was a great start to my assessment.

When the parcel arrived, it contained a box of twenty tea bags and a plastic medication bottle containing sixty herbal capsules. The packaging looked professional, fresh and modern, with clear labels and instructions. Each tea bag was individually wrapped in sealed plastic sachets, and the medication bottle had a tamper-proof plastic seal around the screw top. Another tick for the products’ presentation and safety.

The first product I tried was the Quit Tea, of which I gave a couple of samples to my partner. As a first impression, we thought that the taste might be too strong because of the strong spicy smell emitting from the teabag before it was used. However, this was not the case, and both of us agreed that the taste was really great. We are used to drinking herbal teas from other brands, and this one was right up there with our favorites. I could easily see myself having a few cups per day. A quick look at the ratings on Amazon confirmed my thoughts, with an overall 83% positive rating for the product from a sample of over 200 voters. That’s good going for any product, especially as some of the most negative reviews were from three years ago, whereas the tea has undergone a continuous improvement process.

Due to the fact that I quit smoking over four years ago, I cannot vouch for the tea’s effects with regard to curbing cravings. But once again, a look through the comments on Amazon clearly indicates that it helps the consumer focus on something other than smoking, which is one of the main goals. Aside from that, the tea has a definite calming effect, which is a good thing because quitting smoking makes a lot of people nervous and agitated. It says on the box that some ingredients may cause drowsiness, so use with caution. Also, the box warns against use during pregnancy or while nursing. That also makes sense.

The second product I tested was Quit Support, which comes in vegetable cellulose capsules containing a mix of finely ground herbs. At a dose of two per day, the bottle contains enough capsules for a thirty day supply. One of the listed ingredients in my sample bottle is St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), which is known for its calming effects on nerves and anxiety. However, it is also known to interact with prescription medications, and therefore you should consult a doctor before use. It is possible that the St John’s wort may be replaced by one or more other ingredients, as was the case with Quit Tea, but for now it does not seem to be the case.

Quit Support appears to be a newer product than Quit Tea, at least based on the ratings on Amazon, for which it currently has an outstanding 88% approval rating based on 16 customer reviews. Again, I cannot vouch for its effects on quitting smoking. However, I have been taking the capsules for several days with no noticeable side-effects.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend trying these products as part of your quit smoking arsenal because they are professionally made from natural products, they help focus your attention on something other than smoking, and they both have good success ratings.

For more information about Quit Tea and Quit Support, please visit:

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