Pack It In! Quit Smoking Guide – Now Available on Kindle!

Well folks, it was a long journey but I have finally published my first book about quitting smoking. Unlike other books about quitting, it is more experiential and reflective about what I and others have had to think about when quitting. Simple questions like why you should quit, when you should quit, which support system is best suited to you, and how you will manage to stay quit are just some of the covered topics.

I have tried to make the book as personal as possible, taking into consideration that after several years of participating in forums and discussing quitting on a one-to-one basis, I have come to the conclusion that there is no single formula for success. Instead, each of us smoke for different reasons and each of us want to quit for our individual reasons. Therefore, unlike other quit smoking books, my book is not formulaic. It embraces whichever method you choose to quit while at the same time pointing out some typical difficulties and fallacies that everyone encounters when they decide to quit. In parts I even challenge the experts! See for yourself.

Pack It In Small for Blog

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